Bench Direct Resources

Many of the resources used at BenchDirect are made in the USA. The choice to use mainly American made products was a conscious decision by the company.

All the wood in BenchDirect products is from Dalla Corte Lumber, Inc., located in Stafford Springs, CT. They are family owned and operated and they mill pine, oak, hemlock and occasionally walnut.
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At BenchDirect we use wooden dowel pins from Rhino Wood Industries to strengthen our products. They are manufactured is the USA of natural, hardwood. They are fluted and kiln dried. Fluted pins help ensure even glue distribution.

Varathane Wood Stain is the BenchDirect choice for all our pieces. Varathane Fast Dry Wood Stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood in just one coat.

Wooster Paint brushes are perfect for all our finishes. We use Wooster Pro brush for staining and the Foam King brush for our finishes.They provide a smooth, consistent finish every time and have been successfully operating since 1851.

The Hairpin Leg Company is the maker of our high quality steel hairpin legs used in several of our designs. The company is based in the UK but also has warehouses in the US.