About us

About Bench Direct

My Story

My name is John Kilbourn and in 2016 I started with a few basic hand tools and made my wife a coffee table from pallet wood. As time went on, I educated myself on woodworking, crafted more pieces for our home and realized how comfortable I was when I was in my shop. Now in 2020, I want to share what I’ve learned, offer what I can create, and provide to you the same comfort I have in my workshop to your home.

Company Culture

I live my life by one value, and that one value leads the way for all that I expect of myself.

Clear Conscience, Visible Leadership

In life, our conscience plays a role as our inner voice when making a decision or after an action is carried out that makes us think if it was out of line with what is right in society or with our moral compass. Consciousness makes you think if the actions performed were the right or wrong ones to choose. We all make the best decisions possible but we all can’t make the right ones all the time but I feel that the clearer your conscience, the better the decisions you will make and in turn more will be the correct ones for all.